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Award Winning Taste

Cascara Liqueur ... This liqueur is made from the hand picked fruit of the Cambodian coffee bean - some of them were picked by me ! The Cascara fruit is macerated in rum and other exotic flavors from Cambodia.

Cascara Award Winner

Bayon Temple - our Namesake.

The Finest Spirits From a Rich Culture

Our distillery uses the natural advantages of Cambodia. Rich in agriculture, the country is very low in technology and education. Our goal is to help the people and economy of Cambodia, and help bring it into the 21st century. We are bringing the knowledge and technology of the Western world to Cambodia; and our employees and their country are reaping the rewards.

Get on our LIST and be among the first to discover the the TASTE of the Tropical Jungle. All our fruits and spices are from Southeast Asia; many of them from our own farm in Cambodia!